Alyssa + Chase | Indianapolis Zoo Wedding

Alyssa and Chase met at a party in college eight years ago and have been together ever since. Chase popped the question, Alyssa said yes and within about six months they had planned a beautiful wedding at the Indianapolis Zoo.

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Bridal Prep for the big day started and the J.W. Marriott in downtown Indianapolis. The soundtrack included 90's alternative and The Backstreet Boys which was Alyssa's favorite band growing up.  Alyssa was surrounded by her mom, her tribe and pink champagne. Eye-Do provided stunning on site hair and make-up.

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The Indianapolis Zoo one of the most unique and memorable wedding venues in Indianapolis. Alyssa and Chase chose the Efroymson Wedding Garden for their ceremony and the reception was in the Hulman Riverhouse. Before the ceremony we took some time to explore the Zoo and visited with the elephants and giraffes. 

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This couple opted not to do a first look because they wanted to see each other for the first time as Alyssa was coming down the aisle. It was worth the wait. I cannot put words to Chase and Alyssa's reactions seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day.

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 Alyssa was walked down the aisle by both her dad and step-dad.

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We took some time to do the couple's portraits after the ceremony and receiving line. It gave Alyssa and Chase some time to catch their breath and just be alone together for the first time as husband and wife in the Zoo's gorgeous gardens.

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When you step outside of the Zoo you enter White River State Park which provides breathtaking views of downtown Indianapolis. 

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o tell the story of the wedding day, I have to show you the wedding cake. This simple but elegant cake was made by Indy Cakesand was adorned with flowers. Alyssa and Chase are not really "cake people" but they did not deprive their guests of the traditional treat. The layers were strawberry, red velvet, and vanilla with a white buttercream icing.

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The first dance was to Jamie Lawson's Don't Let Me Let You Go. 

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To end the night Chase and all of his fraternity brothers serenaded Alyssa.

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Alyssa and Chase are lovely, down to earth people who were surrounded by so many who adore them and it was an honor to capture their wedding day. The couple left the next morning for their honeymoon in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Studios Florida. 

Send your congratulations to Chase and Alyssa in the comments and tell us what zoo animal would you want in your wedding photos!