Kim + Donny | Stone Creek Lodge Wedding

This couple met in a Blockbuster in 2001, they were friends for years but later lost touch. Thanks to Facebook, their friendship was rekindled and they started seriously dating in August 2012. Donny proposed to Kim in their dining room one Sunday night five years ago. Kim jokingly refers to their engagement as the sequel to the movie The Five Year Engagement. Their journey to "I do" may be longer than some, but it was well worth the wait.

The wedding and reception took place at Stone Creek Lodge in Crawfordsville, Indiana on 8.18.18. This venue is gorgeous both indoors and outdoors.

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Kim was a stunningly beautiful bride in this gorgeous dress with pockets!!! She was completely in love with the grounds at the lodge and chose this space in from of the fountain for her bridal portraits.

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Here is a better look at those shoes.

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Before we go any farther, you have to meet Mo-Mo, the couples English Bulldog. This guy was part of the celebration all day. He was so happy his humans were getting married he even dressed the part.

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The couple wanted to do a first look and this bridge at the back of Stone Creek Lodge's property was the perfect spot. The bridge would have been too far to walk to in a wedding dress so the owner's son drove us there across the creek on a golf cart to where Donny was waiting for Kim.

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Mo-Mo was such a big part of the day, he even came down the aisle with Donny.

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Mo went back to help escort Kim down the aisle.

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 He was hoping for a front row seat, but was ushered away.

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The surprise of the day was when Donny, very beautifully, sang Per Te by: Josh Grobanto his bride. Friends, this song is entirely in Italian, so impressed! 

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The ceremony ended when Donny was told he could kiss his bride...

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But the marriage isn't official until the marriage license is signed and considering how long it took to get Kim down the aisle, it was thought that she could be a flight risk, so they decided to sign it right then and there.  Julian, Kim's son was able to assist. Having recently broke his arm, he wasn't able to play violin with the quartet as he had hoped. The blue cast was to match the wedding colors for his mom and Donny.

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One of my favorite parts of any wedding day is the cake. I do not believe that I can completely share a couple’s wedding story without showing you the cake. Seriously, could those little pigs be any cuter? Look closely and you can see Kim through the window.

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The couple told their friends and family to bring their dancing shoes and they meant it.

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 Mo-mo was still a part of the party. He even caught the garter! He was grateful for all the attention he received, especially from the bridesmaid who gave him a drink of water.

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Congratulations to Kim and Donny! We wish a lifetime of joy and love together. 

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